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Surrounding tourism

Please spend a peaceful time in the Nature of Shima.

  • "Temples of Shima"

    • Hinatami Yakushido

      Yakushido beautiful straw roof.

      The distinctive Karafu-style architecture in the country, the form of the rose, the picture pattern of the wooden nose, the form of the swirl, etc. represent the characteristics of the Muromachi Time Period.

      Long ago, the hotel had you eat buckwheat for guests who are on hot spring treatment seen at worship.

    • Maya Fudo

      The temple is Maya Hime the Maya Hime of the Maya Hime Hinatami Yakushido that appears in the story of the legendary Maya Hime.
      The worshipers are still immovable now.

    • Shima-no-Ouketsu

      Large and small eight Giant kettle can be seen in Shimagawa River

      The larger one exceeds 8 m in diameter and 3.2 m in depth.It is a tremendous product of nature that has reached tens of thousands of years.
    • Yakushiji

      Yakushiji which made the hot springs themselves precious gods and buddhas.

      Yakushi-sama says, "Yakushi Ruriko Nyorai"
      It is said that Buddha who cures all diseases that can not be cured for a long time and saves everyone from suffering of illness.

      Nationally designated important cultural property, and it is the oldest temple architecture that exists in the prefecture.

  • "Nature of Shima"

    • Oku-shima dam

      An artificial lake made of the Shimagawa River Dam located at the far end of the Shima Onsen.

      The lakeside which is 4 km / 4 km is a spot of spring fresh green and autumn leaves.The blue of the water of the lake is also a special mention.

  • "The Gomuso-no-yu"

    • Gomuso-no-yu

      One minute walk from the hotel.Yakushido is right next to Yakushido, hot water which became the origin of Shima Onsen.
      A long time ago, God who stood at the bedside was told that this hot water would cure 40,000 diseases.
      Please enjoy both the bath with the hotel.

      Open time / 9: 00-15: 00(Free entrance fee)
  • Origin of Shima

    • "Legend concerning Shima Onsen"

      In (from 782 806) Enryaku annual retainer of Minamotono Yorimitsu, Watanabe no Tsuna, Sakata no Kintoki, along with the Urabe no Suetake
      Hyuga no Kami Sadamitsu Usui碓 碓 貞 勇 勇 勇 と し て と し て
      When I went from Echigo to Kozuke no Kuni, I visited this 40,000 land,
      I kept my heart in the sound of the mountain and the sound of the river, and I wrote myself at night.

      Even though the baby's child appeared from nowhere in the mid-night,
      Bestow Rijssen to jig the Yamai悩of Shima feel the whole-hearted thou chanting"Yonman".
      We are the Holy Spirit of this mountain."
      The Sadamitsu heard this oracle in half asleep, I found a hot spring that gushes out after awake.

      Sadamitsu I felt this thing, enshrined a Yakushi Nyorai of their own Mamori Honzon and built a Ichiunodo,
      Hyuga no Kami Sadamitsu Temple Yakushi Ruriko Nyorai and the hot spring is called "Hyuga no Kami Sadamitsu Temple Yakushi Ruriko Nyorai Gomuso-no-yu",
      Named after the oracle, he named this place the town of Shima"shoes" ... It is a legend.