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  2. Guidance of Kotobukiya Ryokan

Guidance of Kotobukiya Ryokan

~The beginning is from a small soba shop~

  • At Sekizen Shima Onsen, which has a long history as a spa sanatorium, it was here "Kotobukiya Ryokan" that started as a soba restaurant.
    The history of this facility begins with the fact that it is located near the Yakushido Gomuso-no-yu and serves soba noodles to customers who are undergoing spa treatment that can be seen as worshipers.
    The tradition has been passed down since it became a hot spring inn, and it is the third generation of the current generation.

    We will honor you with the delicate attentions of hitting buckwheat for hospitality.
    I wish you a tasty trip for each and every one.

Equipment outline
Rooms, 7 rooms accommodate 25 people

Facilities, Men's bath
    Free private outdoor bath
    Big Hall

Parking, 8 units

Guest Room Equipment
Television, Refrigerator (with chargeable beverages), Air conditioning, Telephone, Wash basin, Toilet (some), Internet (Wireless LAN)

※Password is necessary for Internet connection.
If you are interested please contact the front desk.

※There is no preparation of the bath in the guest room.

Face towel, bath towel, yukata,
toothbrush, A razor, shampoo,
Soba water rinse, Body soap,

※Soba water rinse
When you rinse your hair it gets shiny and firmly touches it.
Of course there is no preservative at all.Please speak to the front desk by 8 o'clock.

Guidance※The hotel deals with soba as the main ingredient.
Because we are doing soba noodle in the facility, we are not allowed to visit visitors of severe soba allergy.

※Customers with a tattoo / tattoo refuse to use.

※About cashless payment
The following payment methods are available.
Various credit cards/ApplePay/Transportation IC card/iD/QUICPay/Paypay
Regarding hot spring tax   <Nakanojo Town Office>Nakanojo Town, you will be required to pay the hot spring tax as follows.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

<Per adult, per night>
·When the accommodation fee exceeds 6,000 yen:150 yen
·If the accommodation fee is 6,000 yen or less :100 yen

※The following customers are not eligible.
·Children under 12 years old
·Those who use public baths or public baths