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Surrounding tourism

Please spend a peaceful time in the Nature of Shima.

  • "Temples of Shima"

    • Right next to our hotel(About 1 minute on foot)

      Hinatami Yakushido

      This temple was built by Minamotono Yorimitsu Sadamitsu, a servant of Minamoto no Yorimitsu, who was guided by a message in a dream.
      The enshrined Yakushi Nyorai has been worshiped and called ``Yumae Yakushi'' by people who come to the hot springs for hot spring treatment.
      The current hall was built in 1598, and is currently designated as an important cultural property of the country.
      It is the oldest wooden building in the prefecture, and its beautiful thatched roof is worth seeing.
    • Right next to our hotel(About 1 minute on foot)

      Maya Fudo

      Fudo-sama, the god of matchmaking who appears in "The Legend of Maya Hime."
      It is enshrined in the precincts of Hinatami Yakushido, and is still visited by a steady stream of worshipers.
    • Approximately 8 minutes by car from our hotel

      Shima-no-Ouketsu group

      Giant kettle is a small hollow in the riverbed filled with stones.
      It refers to a hole created when the bedrock is carved out by the flow of a river circulating in the same area.
      It is an amazing product produced by nature over tens of thousands of years.
      Eight Giant kettle of various sizes can be seen along Shimagawa River, with the largest one exceeding 8m in diameter and 3.2m deep.
      There are stairs and a slope nearby, so you can observe it up close during the summer.
  • "Nature of Shima"

    • Approximately 10 minutes by car from our hotel

      Lake Oku-shima(Shimagawa River Dam)

      A dam lake with a circumference of 4km located at the innermost part of Shima Onsen.
      The beautiful blue color of the lake's surface is called `` Shima Blue,'' and it was even featured as a filming location for a commercial.
      You can see a variety of scenery depending on the four seasons: fresh greenery from spring to early summer, autumn leaves, and snowy scenery in winter.
  • "The Gomuso-no-yu"

    • Right next to our hotel(About 1 minute on foot)


      A public bath located right next to Hinatami Yakushido.
      It is said to be the birthplace of Shima Onsen.

      Opening hours/From 9:00 to 15:00(Free)
      ※Please bring towels, soap, etc.
  • Origin of Shima

    • "Legend concerning Shima Onsen"

      In (from 782 806) Enryaku annual retainer of Minamotono Yorimitsu, Watanabe no Tsuna, Sakata no Kintoki, along with the Urabe no Suetake
      Hyuga no Kami Sadamitsu Usui碓 碓 貞 勇 勇 勇 と し て と し て
      When I went from Echigo to Kozuke no Kuni, I visited this 40,000 land,
      I kept my heart in the sound of the mountain and the sound of the river, and I wrote myself at night.

      Even though the baby's child appeared from nowhere in the mid-night,
      Bestow Rijssen to jig the Yamai悩of Shima feel the whole-hearted thou chanting"Yonman".
      We are the Holy Spirit of this mountain."
      The Sadamitsu heard this oracle in half asleep, I found a hot spring that gushes out after awake.

      Sadamitsu I felt this thing, enshrined a Yakushi Nyorai of their own Mamori Honzon and built a Ichiunodo,
      Hyuga no Kami Sadamitsu Temple Yakushi Ruriko Nyorai and the hot spring is called "Hyuga no Kami Sadamitsu Temple Yakushi Ruriko Nyorai Gomuso-no-yu",
      Named after the oracle, he named this place the town of Shima"shoes" ... It is a legend.