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Shima Onsen Kotobukiya Ryokan Yado with Osoba and Onsen


Gunma prefecture Agatsuma gun Nakanojo Town Shima 4367 - 6

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It is one hour by car from the Kanetsu Expressway Shibukawa Ikaho IC on the Kanetsu Expressway Shibukawa Ikaho IC.40 minutes by bus from JR Agatsuma Line Nakanojo Station on JR Agatsuma Line Nakanojo Station.Free pick up from the The last stop Shima Onsen.
Parking: 8 units free(Covered / height restriction 2.5 m)

Pick-up presence (condition)
From 14:00 to 17:30 ※plan depends on the plan.Please contact us in advance.
  • People who come by car

    ≪Tokyo·Destination Tohoku / Kanetsu Expressway≫
    ◇Get off at Shibukawa Ikaho IC, head towards Niigata · Numata · Nakanojo via Route 17 353-Go (about 1 hour)
    ◇Get off at Tsunoguno IC, take Niigata towards Niigata No. 17, Akane Pass, via National Highway 145 · 353 (about 1 hour)

    ≪Tokai·Kansai direction / Joshinetsu Expressway≫

    ◇Ueda Sugadaira IC get off, Via the National Highway 144 · 145 · 353, (About 2 hours)

    ◇Get off Usui Karuizawa IC, Via Naka-Kazuzawa, Via the National Highway 146 · 145 · 353(About 2 hours)
  • People who come by train / bus

    Direct bus "Shima Onsen-go" from Tokyo is convenient!
    Kanetsu traffic high-speed bus Shima Onsen-go of the service is, to Shima Onsen without a transfer from Tokyo! There is no worry about winter snow road.
    Because it is a perfect reservation system, please contact us for concern

    ≪Electric train·By bus≫
    Direct from Ueno station to Nakanojo station "Limited Express Kusatsu issue" is convenient!

    ▼Nakanojo station is one of the routes.
    ◇Busta Shinjuku JR Bus "Joshu Yumemuringuri" → Nakanojo Station(About 3 hours)

    ◇Ueno station "Limited express Kusatsu" → Nakanojo station(2 hours 10 minutes)
    ◇In Joetsu and Nagano Shinkansen to Takasaki (about 50 minutes from Tokyo) → Takasaki first train to the JR Agatsuma line (about 50 minutes)
    ◇Transfer to the JR Joetsu Line Shibukawa Station and get off ⇒JR Agatsuma line (about 30 minutes)

    ⇒JR Agatsuma line than Nakanojo Station"
     taxi(About 25 minutes)Or a bus to Shima Onsen(About 40 minutes)
     ※Please use Nakanojo Station ~ Shima Onsen Route Bus and go to the terminal point "Shima Onsen".