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Hand made dishes to eat in your room

While feeling the wind fragrance of each season, "Spring Wildflowers", "Autumn Mushroom", "Seasonal Seafood"
We devote food that you can satisfy while having a passion for taste one item per item.
Rice (embryo rice) asking local farmers, vegetables are also very popular as tasty.

※Depending on the number of people, it may be prepared at the restaurant.

  • Dinner

    A Japanese set menu that makes use of a variety of seasonal ingredients and can be enjoyed as a meal or as an accompaniment to drinks.
    We carefully prepare mountain delicacies and local products that can only be tasted in this region.
  • Fully enjoy soba noodles

    This facility provides soba noodles with all plan.
    If you like it, we will accept refills.(Up to 3 pieces)
    Please feel free to ask.

    1,650 yen
    770 yen for one
  • Joshu Beef Steak

    A marbled steak made from Gunma prefecture's famous Joshu Beef, which is only known to those in the know.
    The high-quality fat melts in your mouth, rich but not greasy.
    We will bring a ceramic plate with you, so please enjoy it according to your preference.

    2 servings (150g) 3,300 yen-
  • Breakfast

    We will prepare a Japanese set meal for you at a hot spring inn, focusing on grilled fish and pickles.
    Your energy for the day starts with a delicious breakfast.
    Refills of white rice are also welcome.