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  2. Originally specialty Yakushi Soba

Originally specialty Yakushi Soba

The beginning of the hotel was a small buckwheat shop -

  • Since its founding, the hotel's "Soba" that strikes a way of communicating generously.

    The bucket himself striking himself with tasty Shima-no-sui is a game against time when raised from a boiled rice just before eating.

    It is a showroom of the young man 's arms that inherit traditional techniques.

    We strive to offer as soon as possible so as not to damage Koshi and scents.
  • Please enjoy 'traditional taste'

    Shima Onsen with a long history as a hot spring medical treatment field.
    Eat breakfast in the morning and evening at lodging, go out for lunch a moment ... In the style of that time
    Soba is good, digestion is good, you can eat crisp.

    The beginning of the hotel was also such a soba restaurant.
    The taste of soba noodle at that time has not changed, and we will offer it at dinner now.
    Also, depending on the season, you can enter the mountain yourself, cook and offer wild vegetables and mushrooms etc ....
    Please enjoy the traditional taste.
    It is also possible to order additional soba!