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  2. Specialty"Yakushi Soba"

Specialty"Yakushi Soba"

The beginning of the hotel was a small buckwheat shop -

  • Since its founding, this facility has been hit by a manufacturing method that has been passed down from generation to generation. "soba noodles"
    We use Shima water and hit it with all our heart every day.

    The best place to play soba is after boiling it.
    We will quickly serve it in a bamboo steamer and bring it to you so as not to spoil the elasticity and aroma.
    After you bring it to your room, please enjoy it in the best condition without any delay.
  • = “Traditional taste” passed down from generation to generation =

    Shima Onsen with a long history as a hot spring medical treatment field.
    Eat breakfast in the morning and evening at lodging, go out for lunch a moment ... In the style of that time
    Soba is good, digestion is good, you can eat crisp.

    The beginning of the hotel was also such a soba restaurant.
    The taste of soba has remained the same since that time.
    Currently, it will be served at dinner.
    Depending on the season, you may go into the mountains and cook and serve wild plants and mushrooms.
    Please enjoy the traditional taste.